About Us

Growtech Associates at a glance


Growtech Associates – is a one stop shop, where a residence and a chair are being designed simulltaneously under one roof. A deliberate attempt has been made to work across diverse scales inorder to focus thoroughly on “Design”.

Growtech Associates is a multi-disciplinary firm engaged in the field of architecture, interior design, project management, planning & providing turnkey interior solutions. In each of the above disciplines, we translate the client’s brief into a viable solution that satisfies functional and aesthetical requirements while considering the project perspective, preservation & budget constraints.

Growtech Associates is founded by Sunil Kanojiya, who after completing his degree and after working as an architect for various renowned design firms as a lead architect decided to start Growtech Associates is an abbrevation for “Architectural Design & Construction”

Over the years, we have designed and executed spaces with an ambience, feel and look that is contemporary yet timeless and reflects the image and character of the client. Our core design team of architects and interior designers works in tandem with our experienced panel of service consultants and strives to highlight our design philosophy of balancing creativity with functional viability. Our forte is executing projects with emphasis on aesthetics, keeping quality, budget & time high on our priority list. Growtech Associates is committed to quality and our multidisciplinary design and execution teams work hard to achieve the same. Team Growtech Associates consists of a skilled group of architects, interior designers, landscape architects & service consultants who possess the expertise & experience to deliver design excellence within the client budget & time schedule.

"No design is good, no design is bad, Its all about the perception and choice"
- Sunil Kanojiya


What People Says?

"I got an excellent design for my future home, from cooperation i was very pleased, everything was done at the highest level.Boldly I recommend to all this company"


"growtech associates have been able design an amazing resort concept for our development project. Their customer service reps are quite efficient and supportive."

Manoj Singh Client

"They are one of the best Architect and interior designer consultant in Delhi who always wanted to produce different design with the play of different materials, with keeping client budget in mind"

Sonali Gupta Client

"Mr kanaujiya your working is very decent and I m surprise for our clinic chamber interior ...thanks for this"

Adarsh Client